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Coffee Tickle Entrecard Contest  

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Entrecard Contest:

This is just my first month in Entrecard and my credits aren't that big yet but there has been an increase in my credits lately and I want to share them with you. Coffee Tickle and Pinoy Coffee Tickle have been growing and we want to grow/expand with you and to do that we decided to start a contest that will last for two months , which will be called the “Two Month Coffee Tickle EC Marathon” but there will also be prizes during the end of each month also and this will be called the “One Month Coffee Tickle EC Sprint.”

The objective is simple:

The person who drops the most EC in two months (Marathon) or one month (Sprint)will win. You just have to be in the top 10 in two months if you want to qualify for the Marathon. Let’s say during the first month Blog A drops 25 EC while Blog B drops 23 EC then during the second month Blog A still drops 25 EC but Blog B drops 30 EC. Blog B wins the 2 month Marathon and wins the prize for the Sprint during the second month. Blog A, however, wins the Sprint for the first month since he dropped the most EC during that month.

2 Month Marathon
Drop as often as you can for two months and just follow the rules. The top 10 droppers for the two months will get a prize.

1 Month Sprint
Drop as often as you can and also follow the rules :) The top 10 droppers for the month will get a prize.
*Note: You may join for both as long you follow the rules. You may also just join for just one month (August or September)

To be able to join the contest (Rules):

1. Subscribe to my blog.
2. Write about my contest/blog on your site then comment on this article to let me know that you’ve written an article already.
3. Comment on at least 2 articles. (Please post quality comments thanks)
4. Drop as often as you can.
5. Be Part of the Top 10 Droppers for both months.
6. That’s it! Wait at the end of August for the monthly prizes and wait for the September for the Main Prizes.

What are the prizes?

2 Month Coffee Tickle EC Marathon (End of September)
1st Place (Top Dropper) = 2500 EC and a free advertisement on Coffee Tickle for a month.
2nd Place = 2000 and a free advertisement on Coffee Tickle for a month
3rd Place = 1000 EC
4th Place = 500 EC
5th Place- 10th Place = 250 EC each

Total of 7000 EC

1 Month Coffee Tickle EC Sprint (End of August and September)

1st Place (Top Dropper) = 1000 EC
2nd Place = 700
3rd Place = 500
4th Place = 300
5th -10th Place = 250

Total of 4000 EC per month

If you are a consistent dropper then who knows since you are entitled to both the Marathon and the Sprint, that means you can win as much as 4500 (1000 each month then 2500 for the Marathon) EC and a free advertisement on Coffee Tickle for a month. Oh yeah, double that if you want if you join both Coffee Tickle and Pinoy Coffee Tickle. Not join now! A total of Credits to be given away!!!

*In case of a tie the total number of EC (prizes) for the spots that they are going to get will be split. Let’s say Blog A and Blog B ties for first place then the 1st place prize (1000) and 2nd place prize (750) will be split so each will be getting 875 EC.

*Coffee Tickle and Pinoy Coffee Tickle will run different contests but with same rules. You may join both (just follow the rules)through their respective sites. Goodluck to everyone!

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