Thursday, August 28

Coffee Video Thursday #10: Jon Runyan for McDonald's Coffee  

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This is the McDonald's Coffee Commercial where Jon Runyan of the Philadelphia Eagles star in. Not a bad actor I must say and this commercial is quite funny. Here, their athletic director or someone from the team staff gets him a coffee and it's a large one. Jon Runyan is surprised that he gets a large coffee so he tells the guy that it's chest bump worthy and he should give him one. They looked a little stupid chest bumping but it was still funny.

What do you think of this commercial? Is it chest bump worthy too?

Tuesday, August 26

Coffee Mug Tuesday: Show Off Your Coffee Mugs (10th Mug)  

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Coffee and Tea Mug image
Need help in making the perfect cup of coffee or tea? With the help of the MyCuppa Coffee/Tea Mug by Suck.Uk, you can! This mug helps you by having a color matching guide in the inside rim of the mug so you may know if it's too milky or if it's just right. This will really help you ensure the proper ratio of coffee/tea to milk.

So the next time you ask your new co-worker to make you a cup of coffee, you won't have to worry again. Just make sure that he/she knows how to match colors..once you're sure then your cup of coffee or tea will be perfect.

Sunday, August 24

Drinking Coffee Or Tea Helps Cuts Smokers' Risk of Getting Stroke  

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Scared that you might get stroke because of smoking too much? Even if you don't care that much we still have good news for you. A Finnish study suggests that drinking two or more cups of tea or coffee a day can reduce male smokers' stroke risk.

The study took 13 years and over 26,000 male smokers where it was known that those who regularly drank tea and coffee were 21 per cent less likely to suffer a type of stroke known as a cerebral infarction but other forms of stroke did not seem to have been affected by coffee or tea intake.

Cerebral infarction is the blockage of the flow of blood to the cerebrum, causing or resulting in brain tissue death.

This is another one of the reasons to drink coffee and/or tea, whether you're a smoker or not. Tea of course, as we know, has lots of antioxidants that help the body fight cancer. Knowing this, maybe smokers can now try to limit their sticks or packs of cigarettes a day to make the effect of coffee and tea to the body better.

Let's all drink coffee to that...

Friday, August 22

Starbucks Still #1 for Consumers  

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Despite all the problems and challenges faced by Starbucks the past year, it was a surprise that they are still number 1 in the hearts of the U.S. consumers. It has battled a lot of consumer complaints and coffee from different and emerging coffee chains like Peet's Coffee together with the smaller ones and some of the other fast food chains like Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's.

According to the Restaurants & Institutions' 2008 Consumer Choice Awards, Starbucks became the platinum winner in the "coffee/snacks" category. Krispy Kreme came in as the Gold winner while Cinnabon won the Silver.

This is great news for the giant coffee chain as it tries to regain the trust of the buyers and re-establish itself as the powerhouse of all coffee chains. With this news, it has made clear that American caffeine lovers still love Starbucks and it still has a great following despite the negative news about Starbucks and its downsizing. Howard Schultz just knows what it takes to makes this work. He revolutionized coffee and he is capable of winning the hearts of consumers again.

Just a thought, with all the news that surrounded Starbucks the past year and them still winning this. Maybe Starbucks wasn't really struggling..yep, it closed a lot of shops but maybe it was just the best move overall. As for the news, could it be just something to keep them in the create buzz. A publicity stunt of some sort? Just a thought...

As for you, what's your number one coffee chain?

Thursday, August 21

Coffee Video Thursday #9: Adam Wade on How to Get a Free Starbucks' Iced Coffee  

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I just saw this video by Adam Wade and it's about tips on getting a FREE Iced Coffee from Starbucks. Was he able to get the free drink? Just watch it..:) But what I can share with you is his "three plan attack" to get that free iced coffee.

The 3 Plan Attack:

1. Go in there with confidence!
2. Compliment the barista.
3. Is Ray working?

I'd have to say that my favorite would be the third Ray working??? Lol! That was a great line to get a free coffee unfortunately it didn't work. I just think it would really be hard to get a free iced coffee since I had a friend who was a barista, he didn't treat me to one but just gave me a discount and lined up for me in order to punch in his code or something. Although my mom used to just ask for free coffee whenever she goes to Peet's! Maybe it comes with age or she just knows how to ask. Nevertheless, I still love that line and would want to try that next time whether it be Starbucks, CBTL, Peet's or wherever.

What's your favorite attack to get your free iced coffee?

Tuesday, August 19

Coffee Mug Tuesday: Show off Your Coffee Mugs (9th "Mario Batali Ceramic" mug)  

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Mario Batali Ceramic Coffee-Cups, Set of 4

Mario Batali Espresso-Cups and Saucers, Set of 4

One of my favorite chefs is Mario Batali since he cooks with a lot of passion and its just fun watching his shows and seeing him create different dishes that would really make you hungry. When I saw that he had his own mugs, a 4-set ceramic coffee mug and espresso cups, it had to be featured here.

They look really simple, something the whole family would enjoy since you each can have your one color (yep, color coded). If you're five or more then dad gets to have a larger mug since reviews of this mug say that the mugs are smaller than they look in the picture but the mugs' size is still just right. If you find it too small, then just go for a second cup, which is what most of us do anyway.

So we've already discussed the mugs, but some may not know who Mario Batali is. Here's an excerpt I got from his site.

"Among his many accolades, Mario was named "Man of the Year" in the chef category by GQ Magazine in 1999. In 2002, he won the James Beard Foundation's "Best Chef: New York City" award and in 2005 the James Beard Foundation awarded Mario "Outstanding Chef of the Year." Mario is also one of the recipients of the 2001 D'Artagnan Cervena Who's Who of Food & Beverage in America, a prestigious lifetime achievement award."

Enjoy coffee with these mugs! Surprise your guests with them or just use it for your family. Whatever you use them for you will for sure have a great day. Just be careful not to be too excited drinking very hot coffee or tea.

Monday, August 18

Jamaican "Blue Mountain" Coffee and Rum Recipe  

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Blue Mountain Cofee and Rum Recipe Image
Looking for both "Jamaican" caffeine and alcohol in your drink? Then try this recipe I found at

"Serves 4


4 tbsp blue mountain Jamaican fresh ground coffee

4 tbsp soft brown sugar

100ml dark rum

4tbsp double cream


Put the fresh coffee into a jug or cafateriere and pour on the boiling water. Leave to brew for a few minutes.

Pour the coffee into four glasses, add the sugar, stir to dissolve, and then pour in the rum.

Carefully pour on the double cream over the back of a teaspoon so that it floats on top of the coffee"

It looks like a good drink! I mean Blue Mountain Coffee alone is good but putting rum in it seems really interesting. I am not really a big fan of rum but this recipe is too tempting not to try. Try it also and let us know..Enjoy your caffeine and alcohol!

*Picture from

The Problem of Drinking Too Much Coffee  

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Caffeine as we know is addicting. All coffee drinkers know this since we it is just hard to stop right? Well, this is not really a problem since drinking coffee has a lot of health benefits. The problem is if we start getting used to putting lots of sugar and cream when we make our own coffee or when we buy lots of cold coffee drinks, frozen/iced coffee drinks that Starbucks made popular.

Coffee used to be just well..plain coffee. Brewed coffee with just a pack or two of sugar and some creamer and that's it but what Starbucks and the other coffee chains did was to add drinks that are sweet that shouldn't really be considered as coffee. It's more like a dessert with coffee as its main ingredient or should I say sugar as its main ingredient. We often forget that these drinks have higher calories but do we really know how high it is? Or do we even know that they have lots of hidden calories?

So to help everyone especially those who are dieting but just can't get enough of coffee, here is a short list of some of the coffee drink calorie count of places people go to:

Dunkin Donuts
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Caribou Coffee
Krispy Kreme
Peet's Coffee
Coffee Calorie Counter

Just remember that coffee may have some hidden calories in it but what we really have to remember that coffee usually goes with doughnuts, scones, muffins, banana bread, cupcakes and so on. This is what really adds the additional weight to everyone. So if you're having coffee as a "dessert" take it easy with the doughnuts.. it will not only save us money but will also save lots of effort burning it and worrying about the extra weight we will be gaining.

Once we keep these things in mind, drinking coffee isn't a problem anymore but a solution of a better day. So keep on drinking coffee and have a great day everybody.

Saturday, August 16

Coffee Tickle Coffee Video Thursday #8: Budweiser Coffee Commercial  

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Been busy lately that's why I wasn't able to post for Coffee Video Thursday but here it is...

This is not exactly a coffee commercial since it is by Budweiser but it is just a clever way of using coffee and science as a way for you to get your drink anytime of the day. That was just a great line - "Science...Working so you won't have to" Looking at steam from the coffee mug, it makes me want to make my own cup right now. Or am I craving for some beer? Hmm...I'd go with coffee right now. How about you?

Tuesday, August 12

Coffee Mug Tuesday: Show off Your Coffee Mugs (Olympic Edition)  

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It's the Beijing Olympics and Coffee Tickle has got to show some Olympic Love. How? By showing some of the coffee mugs available. These mugs range from $11.95-$14.95 so get yours now! Unlike those seen on "As Seen on TV" these mugs are really sold for a limited time only. Show your love for the Olympics by getting one now then cheer for your country!

How to Buy?

Beijing Coffee Mug Image
Beijing Coffee Mug Image
Beijing Coffee Mug Image
Beijing Coffee Mug Image
Beijing Coffee Mug Image

Coffee Mug Tuesday: Show off Your Coffee Mugs (7th Mug)  

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You're drinking your coffee or hot chocolate and after two minutes of setting it aside you realize you need to stir it again. You then realize that going to the pantry is quite far and you still have lots of things to do. So what do you do???

Finish your drink and buy this new spoon coffee mug by Crate & Barrel.

It's only $3.95 and it is a glazed white porcelain mug, has a Lobster stoneware spoon and of course it is dishwasher and microwave safe. It is a very smart way of including the spoon/stirrer in the mug and it has a great price. Another is that it is can't go wrong with a white mug. My only concern is the area of the handle might be too thin that it may be hard to grip it. Do you have this mug? What do you think?

Sunday, August 10

Tickles the Coffee Bone and Coffee Tickle  

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Ugly Mug Coffee Image
OH, What a Beautiful Morning! That is what you will see when you enter Ugly Mug Coffee Site. What you will also see is a great re-branding spearheaded by Indianapolis-based Young & Laramore on the coffee company overall feel. They focused on being loud and giving everyone a wake up call every morning as you can see in the packages and the ad campaign that they have done.

They have really given the people a wake up call by going BOLD and LOUD on their packaging. The letters are also very noticeable and gives a great meaning(see images below). It just fits the brand really well since they're selling coffee and what does coffee do? It wakes you up and tells you to get up and enjoy the beautiful day!

As for the packaging above, it was great to see the words "tickles the coffee bone" written on the side which really reminds me of Coffee Tickle. When we say "Tickle Away to a Great Day" this is what we meant and yes we could now all say "Oh! What a Beautiful Morning!"

Ugly Coffee Image
Ugly Coffee Image
Ugly Coffee Image
Ugly Coffee Image

So for you, what do you think is the best ad among the four?

Friday, August 8

Vintage 1984 McDonald's Coffee Mugs Being Auctioned at eBay  

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It's not yet Coffee Mug Tuesday and we already have mugs posted. That's true but it's the Olympics season and Coffee Tickle feels the season! Here we have this Vintage 1984 Olympic McDonald's Olympics Coffee Cupsis being auctioned at eBay right now and it will be ending tomorrow. That's why it couldn't wait until Tuesday. So if anyone wants to collect those mugs, go bid for it and bring it when you go to McDonald's next time for some coffee. (No promotion of giving free coffee with this mug..I'm just saying to bring it..:) )

I guess you all know what mugs will be up next Tuesday...:P

Thursday, August 7

Coffee Tickle: Coffee Video Thursday #7: Nespresso "What Else" Coffee Ad with George Clooney  

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Nespresso...What else? A very smart commercial ad done by Nespresso where George Clooney goes in a Nespresso Shop for a shot of coffee. While making his drink he overhears two girls talking about "something" where they use the words rich, intense, balance, unique so George Clooney gets curious. I think that somehow he thinks that they're talking about him but in the end when he hears the words Latin American, he realizes that maybe they weren't talking about him. So he approaches the two girls to ask "You're talking about a Nespresso, right? ... Yah!...What Else?"

Then like lots of people he leaves but continues to eavesdrop...well, What Else?

Wednesday, August 6

Coffee Street Ad by Folger's  

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Coffee Print / Street Ad Image
I must agree with Mariz that there are a lot of creative minds out there. Take a look at that street ad by Folger's Coffee above and you'll understand what I mean. It's just amazing how these people conceptualize great ad works and how they make use of non traditional ways of marketing a product.

Someone crossing the street would really notice that ad and great work by the ad agency behind this. For sure that when you see that ad while your walking on that street, you'd want a cup of coffee. Don't deny it! I would..

Tuesday, August 5

Coffee Mug Tuesday: Show off Your Coffee Mugs (6th Mug)  

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Superhero Coffee Mug Image
Superhero Coffee Mug Image

With all the Superhero movie out lately like The Hulk, Ironman, Batman and also Hellboy I have been really into reading their stories again. That was part of our childhood and something we have grown with and thank God they have done justice in creating their movies (except for the first Hellboy). It was great when I saw these superhero coffee mugs from and they were selling them for $8.99. Not bad for a superhero mug especially if Wolverine, The Hulk, Captain America, The Punisher and Daredevil are your superheroes since those are the ones on display. Get yours now and reminisce on your childhood days playing with your figurines. Let's drink (coffee) to that and enjoy it in our superhero coffee mugs. Tickle Away (Up up and away) to a Great Day! Wonder when will that website will release an all DC coffee mug collection...Got to find a Superman (with the Big S) Coffee Mug.

Monday, August 4

Joining a Contest  

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This week I've been joining some contests in's forums and also made one myself too. I found this one interesting since it would be, I think, the first contest because it was someone's birthday. Looks like there are a lot of sponsors here too so I decided to join and I hope to win something. You may also be one of the sponsors or just join's contest. Goodluck to Coffee Tickle and of course everyone who joined!:)

Sunday, August 3

Starbucks Stops Free Drink Coupon  

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Starbucks Free Iced Latte Coffee Image
Two weeks ago Starbucks circulated an email to some employees to encourage their friends and families to redeem a free grande iced coffee drink. Today, after being forwarded to emails and linked in blogs, Starbucks has canceled their offer even if it should have expired on September 30, 2008.

It was too good to be true and a lot of people were hesitant at first. Good for those who went and claimed their drink but for some who went, there have been stories that they weren't granted any free drink. With all the news going around about people getting free drinks even if they shouldn't be in the circulation, Starbucks got alarmed and canceled the whole promotion.

According to a spokesperson:

The release said the offer had been “redistributed beyond the original intent and modified beyond Starbucks control.

Elizabeth Hoogs of Seattle wasn’t too disappointed about the demise of the coupon, which she learned was invalid just moments after it appeared in her in-box on Wednesday morning.

"I don’t even like Starbucks, but I would’ve gone if I had a free coupon," she said.

A similar promotion happened in the Philippines too, with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, as they had a promo which they gave out free tea latte and like Starbucks, they didn't have any control number on it. What people did was to circulate it in emails and blogs and before they knew it, people were going there to ask for their free drinks. They had to change their rules 2 days before the promotion ended. They changed it to "Buy one take one." The only thing weird was it wasn't consistent with the different branches since some still accepted the coupons.

Lesson here is to really have a control number to make sure that you somehow have control to the allotted drinks that you will be giving away.


Saturday, August 2

Cities with the Most Expensive Cups of Coffee  

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These days the only high priced commodity that gets media attention is gasoline. We see it everyday on the news, internet, newspaper and in everything that we do. There are some countries whose gas prices are way up compared to others but there are also countries where gas prices are subsidized by the government that's why it's lower compared to the others. Coffee is similar in a way that some countries have more expensive coffee than the other and according to, here are the the cities with the most expensive cups of coffee:

Russia: Average cup of coffee: $10.19

Photo by: Team Sugar

Paris, France: Average cup of coffee: $6.77

Photo by: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

See the complete list here

Here in Manila, Philippines I would say that a cup of coffee would cost around $2-$2.50. How about in your area? Tell us how much is it to get a cup of coffee in your city. Tickle Away to a Great Day! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Peet's Share Up Big after 2Q Report  

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NEW YORK - Shares of Peet's Coffee & Tea Inc. soared Friday after the company said its second-quarter profit climbed 69 percent, helped by strong grocery store sales of its specialty coffee.

The shares jumped $3.78, or 19.4 percent, to $23.27 in late morning trading.

After the market closed Thursday, Peet's reported net income of $3 million, or 21 cents per share, from $1.8 million, or 13 cents per share in the prior-year quarter. [Read the Full Article]

Looks like Peet's Coffee & Tea is starting to become a household name just like Starbucks as it eats up more market share of the coffee giant. It has been around for 42 years but unlike Starbucks it hasn't been that visible. It shouldn't matter now since Peet's seems to have a great strategy in targeting the grocery and the wholesale market. I hope they do well from here on since they do have great coffee.

Good job on everyone who was able to buy stocks of Peet's before it went up. Hope it still soars even higher and the quality of their drinks stay the same.

Friday, August 1

Coffee Tickle Entrecard Contest  

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Entrecard Contest:

This is just my first month in Entrecard and my credits aren't that big yet but there has been an increase in my credits lately and I want to share them with you. Coffee Tickle and Pinoy Coffee Tickle have been growing and we want to grow/expand with you and to do that we decided to start a contest that will last for two months , which will be called the “Two Month Coffee Tickle EC Marathon” but there will also be prizes during the end of each month also and this will be called the “One Month Coffee Tickle EC Sprint.”

The objective is simple:

The person who drops the most EC in two months (Marathon) or one month (Sprint)will win. You just have to be in the top 10 in two months if you want to qualify for the Marathon. Let’s say during the first month Blog A drops 25 EC while Blog B drops 23 EC then during the second month Blog A still drops 25 EC but Blog B drops 30 EC. Blog B wins the 2 month Marathon and wins the prize for the Sprint during the second month. Blog A, however, wins the Sprint for the first month since he dropped the most EC during that month.

2 Month Marathon
Drop as often as you can for two months and just follow the rules. The top 10 droppers for the two months will get a prize.

1 Month Sprint
Drop as often as you can and also follow the rules :) The top 10 droppers for the month will get a prize.
*Note: You may join for both as long you follow the rules. You may also just join for just one month (August or September)

To be able to join the contest (Rules):

1. Subscribe to my blog.
2. Write about my contest/blog on your site then comment on this article to let me know that you’ve written an article already.
3. Comment on at least 2 articles. (Please post quality comments thanks)
4. Drop as often as you can.
5. Be Part of the Top 10 Droppers for both months.
6. That’s it! Wait at the end of August for the monthly prizes and wait for the September for the Main Prizes.

What are the prizes?

2 Month Coffee Tickle EC Marathon (End of September)
1st Place (Top Dropper) = 2500 EC and a free advertisement on Coffee Tickle for a month.
2nd Place = 2000 and a free advertisement on Coffee Tickle for a month
3rd Place = 1000 EC
4th Place = 500 EC
5th Place- 10th Place = 250 EC each

Total of 7000 EC

1 Month Coffee Tickle EC Sprint (End of August and September)

1st Place (Top Dropper) = 1000 EC
2nd Place = 700
3rd Place = 500
4th Place = 300
5th -10th Place = 250

Total of 4000 EC per month

If you are a consistent dropper then who knows since you are entitled to both the Marathon and the Sprint, that means you can win as much as 4500 (1000 each month then 2500 for the Marathon) EC and a free advertisement on Coffee Tickle for a month. Oh yeah, double that if you want if you join both Coffee Tickle and Pinoy Coffee Tickle. Not join now! A total of Credits to be given away!!!

*In case of a tie the total number of EC (prizes) for the spots that they are going to get will be split. Let’s say Blog A and Blog B ties for first place then the 1st place prize (1000) and 2nd place prize (750) will be split so each will be getting 875 EC.

*Coffee Tickle and Pinoy Coffee Tickle will run different contests but with same rules. You may join both (just follow the rules)through their respective sites. Goodluck to everyone!

Top Entrecard Droppers for July  

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Coffee Tickle has been around for less than two months so far and I'm happy with the results that it has been getting. The traffic has been great because of Entrecard and the people who have dropped by and left a comment/message or just read through the articles. I'd like to thank the top droppers for the month for their continued support of the site: Here they are:

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