Tuesday, July 8

Are you a Coffee Addict?  

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That is the question...Are you a coffee addict?

If yes, this is really an informative video on coffee for you to watch and of course also for non-coffee addicts too. It answers a lot of questions if you're drinking too much and if drinking coffee is safe even if you're pregnant. It evens shows a segment on what is the effect of caffeine to your system once you drink your cup of joe.

Speaking of drinking too much, I also can't believe how that guy in the video drinks 7-8 shots of espresso daily. My heart would be pumping at an alarming rate if I drank that much. I'd be awake all night and for a guy that panics fast, I'm not sure how I'll be able to handle the anxiety attacks. How about you? Are you also that kind of a coffee addict?

*Apologies if the size of the video for some may be too big, something's wrong with the MSNBC video.

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