Tuesday, July 29

Coffee Mug Tuesday: Show off Your Coffee Mugs (5th Mug)  

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For this week's Coffee Mug Tuesday, I saw some cool coffee mugs from wickedcoolstuff.com and I want to share them with you. Some of the are really cool and I am sure you will agree with me. Hope you enjoy this week's coffee mugs. Here are the mugs..

This is a mug for coffee addicts. This mug has a chalkboard style write-on surface - pre printed with a checklist. It even comes with a box of chalk, cool huh?

Coffee Mug Image

Looking to boss your new co-worker around? Try this "Ring Bell for Refill" Mug and ring it when it's time for him to get you a refill.

Coffee Mug Image

Let this stressed out looking coffee mug feel all the stress, not you! Just enjoy this mug while it holds your favorite drink. Also a perfect gift for your stressed out friend.

Coffee Mug Image

It's hard not to love this mug! It's Homer Simpson, everyone's favorite cartoon dad! Coffee drinking is just fun when you know the Simpsons are around.

Coffee Mug Image

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