Thursday, August 7

Coffee Tickle: Coffee Video Thursday #7: Nespresso "What Else" Coffee Ad with George Clooney  

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Nespresso...What else? A very smart commercial ad done by Nespresso where George Clooney goes in a Nespresso Shop for a shot of coffee. While making his drink he overhears two girls talking about "something" where they use the words rich, intense, balance, unique so George Clooney gets curious. I think that somehow he thinks that they're talking about him but in the end when he hears the words Latin American, he realizes that maybe they weren't talking about him. So he approaches the two girls to ask "You're talking about a Nespresso, right? ... Yah!...What Else?"

Then like lots of people he leaves but continues to eavesdrop...well, What Else?

What next?

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