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Thailand Trip: Not just a Coffee Trip  

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First, I'd like to say that I enjoyed my Thailand trip because of the people, the places, the food and of the coffee. The people there were , yeah (that's what they always say), very friendly and always smiling. Just tell them something, and since a lot still can't understand english, they'd just smile.

As for their food, I can't say enough since they just have a wide variety of choices and everything was tasty. They had all sorts of curry, pandan chicken, tom yum soup, lots of seafood with curry also and more! I didn't have any problem with their food except that, because of how spicy it was, I had to eat more.

Bangkok is a really nice place and the three days I spent there isn't enough to cover the whole city. This is a place where I recommend you visiting. According to our tour guide, Bangkok is a great place to spend your New Year because you could take the river cruise and see all the 5 star hotels let out their fireworks all at the same time.

When it came to their coffee...

I was amazed at how they coffee all over! Going there, I didn't know that Thailand people were that addicted to coffee since they had lots of different coffee shops along the streets, in the weekend market, in the malls, and even inside the Elephant Park. Or maybe I'm just exaggerating it because I was overwhelmed at the whole city? Exaggerated or not hope you like the pictures I took..

Coffee along the streets where I tasted one of the creamiest lattes ever. I'm a milk type of guy whether it be ice cream or what..I just like it. So I asked the tour guide what he told the barista and all he said was "Cappuccino Latte" Okay..

Here at the weekend market (Chatuchak Market) drinking coffee on a very hot day. Honestly, I didn't enjoy my coffee since my tongue was a little burnt because of the food that I ate before drinking coffee..

So this is the highlight of my trip..drinking coffee with an elephant beside me. LOL

My last coffee before boarding the plane. Unfortunately, I bought this last minute and I forgot you couldn't bring liquid past the x-ray machines/check point so I had to finish this in a hurry. I liked the taste of this, Black Canyon Coffee Frappe since it wasn't too sweet and you could still taste the coffee. The only thing is that their ice wasn't crushed well enough that I had to use my teeth to help crush it. But I love their logo and font, what do you think?

So that sums up my trip to Thailand. I just realized that it's just sad that I wasn't able to concentrate more on coffee there because of the tight schedule. Anyway, it was still a fun trip and I should tell you that this was the reason why Coffee Tickle was inactive for a few days. Well, we're back and it's time for more coffee fun..Tickle Away to a great day everyone!

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2 tickles / ticked: to “ Thailand Trip: Not just a Coffee Trip

  • September 19, 2008 at 9:12 AM  

    oh wow! is that a real elephant? it looks real! thank you for sharing your Thailand trip :)

  • September 19, 2008 at 9:25 AM  

    Yup yup! That's a real elephant..was trying not to look scared Lol! good thing the elephant was quite behave..:) Great place..I highly recommend you visit Thailand:)