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Coca-Cola Launches Full Throttle Coffee Drink  

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Coffee. Fully Charged.

Do you need more caffeine in your Coca Cola? Or do you just want that taste of coffee in everything that you drink? The Coco Cola company will be launching a drink called Full Throttle Coffee, which is a combination of creamy coffee and their energy drink. This will first be launched in the Southeast and Pacific Northwest (US) markets regions this month before making a nationwide debut in August.

Coca Cola has already launched coffee beverages before like Caribou Iced Coffee, ikko Coffee International Lineup, and Cafe Zu in Thailand.

“Guys are increasingly looking for great-tasting beverage options that will give them the extra ‘kick’ they need to conquer their day,” said Rafael Acevedo, Senior Brand Manager, Energy Drinks, Coca-Cola North America. “Full Throttle Coffee combines the smooth, rich taste of coffee with the intensity that you can only get from a Full Throttle Energy Drink.”

This would be great for Full Throttle fans and coffee lovers and people who just have to stay up really late. Their tagline would be "Coffee. Fully Charged." and will have a coffee lineup of Caramel, Mocha and Vanilla. Their packaging will be bilingual, which will come in English and Spanish.

Their packaging is really nice but I wonder how this would taste like. I guess we just have to rely and believe that a lot of drinks combined with Coke have been great. Even ice cream combined with Coke is really good! This has coffee so I just can't wait for this to come out and give me that extra kick to start my day. The thing is, I live here in the Philippines and I am not sure how I can get one of those. I would just have to ask some of my cousins to send some.

Oh, and one more thing, I have to mention that their packaging somehow reminds me of Guitar Heroes. What do you think?

Anyway, thanks for reading! I have to go eat, drink coffee and play some of that Guitar Heroes (which will consume most of my day if I can't stop)

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