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Anyone entering my coffee blog might be surprised to see bright colors instead of brown, which is mostly associated with coffee. What's with the sun? The color combination of blue, orange and brown? Coffee should have earth tones..Coffee should be this and that. My choice of colors has its reasons and this is because I wanted to have a different feel to coffee/Coffee Tickle or the experience that it gives us. Some may agree and some may not but here are the factors that pushed me to go this route:

Coffee Tickle's Mood is about (Doesn't come in order of importance):

1. Happiness that's why it's Tickle away to a great day
2. Bright and sunny days
3. Bright and sunny days even if it is gloomy outside.
4. The anticipation of knowing that your making your coffee is about to be
5. The smile you get when taking that first sip.
7. The smile you get when taking that second, third....until the last sip.
8. Sunday mornings (or the whole Sunday) with your family.
9. Friends
10. Coffee Art and how it enhances our creativity.
11. Caffeine High and how it gets you going.
12. Caffeine High and knowing it helped you pass the test or get the job done right.
13. An increase in your salary and the feeling that you can't wait to tell your
14. Problem solving with friends when you talk about it over a cup (or cups depending
on the problem) of coffee.
15. Living life to its fullest.

More meanings/reasons why I chose coffee tickle in my next entry. See ya!

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