Wednesday, June 11

Why write about coffee???  

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Some friends of mine asked this question "Why write about coffee?" "What's with coffee?" "Do you know anything about coffee besides drinking it?"

Well, I am no expert and I just discovered how good coffee is recently and I must say that I enjoy coffee and I just love it. I'm sure a lot of coffee drinkers out there know what I'm talking about. Coffee may be knew to me compared to others but since I love everything about it, learning about coffee won't be that hard.

This will be a learning process for me and everyone out there. For people who have been in the coffee business for a long time maybe you can share a thing or two about this (thanks in advance.) For new people in the world of coffee (including me), let's all learn together and eventually help spread how good coffee is.

I guess that's why I started this learn and help spread how good coffee is...

What next?

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