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Health Benefits: The more coffee you drink the better  

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Coffee just got better and I am loving it. Not only does it taste good but it is also good to your health. A research done by Harvard said that it could lessen the risk of diabetes, colon cancer and Parkinson's disease. I have heard of it a couple of times before but since I was never really into coffee and wasn't too concerned with health I just completely ignored it. Of course I wanted better health, but being young I didn't quite care about it. I was just trying to enjoy life in a different state of mind (the no direction one).

Now, I know I can enjoy life with direction and enjoy life with cups of coffee. Other benefits of coffee are in helping fight against cavities, preventing asthma when no medicine is around, stopping a headache, and even boosting your mood.

Being an asthmatic, this sure is great news for me. I have always had asthma ever since I was a kid and lack of sleep and just a low immune system trigger this. Now that I know that coffee can prevent asthma attacks I will have another reason to drink coffee even if I am sick :) Of course it can't substitute my "asthma puffs" but I will try it the next time it attacks. Not that I want to get asthma, I will just be doing this for the sake of experiment and the love of coffee I will do it (with my asthma puffs at my side just in case).

Although further research is being done, it is good to know that coffee helps fight cavities. But we should be cautious and not use this as an excuse to drink coffee. Since a lot of us choose to put sugar in our coffee, we would still have to protect it by of course, brushing our teeth. Another thing is that we wouldn't want to have a coffee smile or coffee stains in our teeth. To remove coffee stains here are some great tips

Knowing that coffee can lessen the risk for diabetes, colon cancer and Parkinson's disease we should be thinking of maybe increasing our daily coffee intake. But not too much if you know your body can't handle it ok? Hope you had a great weekend everyone!

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