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Last minute Father's Day Gifts  

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Coffee Mugs

So it's Father's Day and you still don't have any gift for him... there's no more time to go around your local malls and think of what to give him or order online, what do you do?? Panic mode starts and you don't know what to do. Don't worry since I will be sharing with you something your dad will really love and appreciate.

It is simple..Just create something for him using an old mug (but make sure it's clean and still looks good), some enamor paint, a paint brush or you may your your hands and just a little of your creativity. I know this sounds childish and yes it may be a little but this will something that your dad or husband will remember every morning while drinking his coffee. You may work on it alone or ask your kids (if you're a mom) to help you with it.

The effect of creating this gift will be great for you and your kids since it just teaches you how to become more creative. This will test how creative you are and stretch your imagination. I am sure you can create a design that suits your dad and also sure that he will really appreciate it. (Just don't tell him you did it when you were not able to

Click here for the complete instructions on how you can create your own coffee mug for your dad.

Go on now and hurry in creating your last minute father's day coffee mug gift! Enjoy!:)

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