Sunday, June 29

Manny Pacqiao with the Boston Celtics  

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I know I know this video is not about coffee or anything close to it and I apologize for this. This video is all about Manny Pacqiao celebrating after his knockout victory in nine rounds against David Diaz. Where is the coffee? You won't see any coffee related stuff in this video but what you'll only see is a coffee tickle moment especially for the Manny Pacqiao, his fans and the Filipinos. Great fight with David Diaz! My hats off to him for giving 110%..I just loved the fight! What's even great about this fight was what happened after when the Boston Celtics (KG, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Rondo) were there to celebrate the victory. These guys really deserved their NBA rings this year...such classy individuals.

This sure is a coffee tickle moment! This really made my day together with a hot cup of coffee. Congratulations to the Pac-Man for again for creating unity here even for a day! Let's drink (coffee) to that!

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