Sunday, June 29

Coffee Overdose or Coffee Just Right?  

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I just came from the gym and I saw this new Coffee Shop called Coffee Overdose. I thought that its name sounds a little weird. I mean why would you want to call your shop Overdose? It just doesn't sound right from a marketing perspective. Then I thought that maybe they named it that way because coffee is a "legal drug." You know how drugs are, they can be addicting and when you take too much you become overdosed or something like that. Anyway, I was thinking too much and I just decided to try their coffee.

I asked the lady what their specialty was since I wanted to know more about the place. She said "the one with raspberry, sir." I didn't want to try that one since you don't get to taste the real coffee with all the fruity flavors so I ended up trying their Coffee Latte and since I just came from the gym, an extra rum cake wouldn't be too bad right? I then asked her what beans do they use. All I got was "hindi po sa amin sinasabi, basta dito galing at masarap po siya (They don't tell us, but it comes from here (Philippines) and it just taste good)" So, I didn't bother to ask anymore since I don't think she would still be divulging any information.

While waiting for my order, I still kept wondering what's with the name. Good thing they had a sign that said something like "You know you had too much coffee when you don't get mad. You get steamed!" Funny line but I still think that it's negative for the consumers especially for those with family/friends who might agree with that and dissuade you from drinking another cup. Negative impact on your sales.

Looking at the bright side and also to be fair to them I actually liked my latte. It had a certain kick to it and it was made just right. The taste wasn't too strong but it lacked a little of that aroma. Another good thing is that it really complemented the rum cake. Since the rum cake was already sweet, I decided to add just a teaspoon of brown (mascovado) sugar to it.

I was very happy with my coffee as it was done the way I like it. But for its name, sorry but it was too much for me to handle. But when it came to the coffee, there was no overdose but it was coffee made just right.

What next?

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