Thursday, June 19

Tell Me What You Think of Coffee Tickle  

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I have new widget called Skribit. This widget is a user-generated content suggestion application for blogs. This means that I want to hear from you especially when it comes to what YOU want to know more and if you're liking what I'm writing. I would really appreciate if you could also suggest what specific topic about coffee you want me to focus more on.

I have started by showing you some of the topics I will be sharing with you as we go on such as Coffee Health, Coffee Art, Coffee and Personality and Coffee Mugs. As we go along, of course, I will be sharing with you reviews, facts, more mugs and more things that make our day better with coffee.

It sounds like a cliche by saying that this blog is for you coffee fans but it's true. I just want to improve and learn as well. So tell me what you think and I'll try to integrate all the positive stuff in my blog and learn from the negative:) Thanks for reading guys. Have a great day!

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