Wednesday, June 18

Need a Punch in your Coffee Mug?  

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Looking for the perfect coffee mug that can give your coffee that extra kick, or should I say, that extra punch (sorry about that)? Let me introduce to you the "Punch Coffee Mug." It surely can do that!

This is one of the coolest mugs I have ever seen . I'd say the coolest mug is still mine (picture to follow..a little suspense). This Punch Coffee Mug sure can look violent and it looks can really wake you up just by looking at it but of course even with its name being Punch, it is not for violent purposes. Just as the designer, Cristobal Karich, said

This coffee cup reminds you that getting up is hard, you need strong coffee and a good punch in the face to get going. This cup is not for mobsters, gangsters or hooligans, we advice people to use this cup for coffee drinking purposes only. White Ceramic finish for beginners, silver coated for abusive users.

I have to agree with Cristobal Karich on this with regard to using this for drinking purposes only. With that thing of beauty, I would definitely not use that for anything else. The only thing I'd be using this for is for drinking my coffee and feeling good that I feel great drinking my coffee. If at work, I can imagine this to be something people will be asking me about often. This can be something you can be proud of and I am hoping that I could get one of these. Anybody would like to send me one? :)

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