Wednesday, June 18

Tickle and Ticked? What??  

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So you might be wondering what's with tickle/ticked replacing "comments." Well, basically what I wanted to do was I really wanted to hear from you all whether it may be good or bad. And as far as comments go, it sounds more on the negative side so I decided to play with the words from Coffee Tickle and add Tickle and Ticked.

What's the difference?

Tickle - Just put the word tickle anywhere on your "comments" and everyone would know that you find the entry informative, relevant and very useful.

Ticked - Use this if you feel ticked by the entry posted or if you feel that it needs improvement.

I may get some ticked remarks from's ok!:) I want to hear from you and know what I can improve on. Thanks in advance everyone! Have a great day!

What next?

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