Sunday, July 13

Bogus Blue Mountain Coffee  

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The Blue Mountain Coffee that you might have drunk this morning might not be the "real" thing. It is being reported in that the Blue Mountain Coffee, which is known for its high quality, is being pirated.

According to the article.

Director General of the Coffee Industry Board (CIB) Christopher Gentles claims Blue Mountain Coffee, which has been grown in the Blue Mountains for over 100 years, is being ripped off by unqualified producers.

According to Mr. Gentiles, the registered Blue Mountain brand name is being used illegally by several overseas and local coffee producers to capitalize on the world export market for high grade coffee.

Ed's Notes: With 400 billion cups of coffee consumed every year and with the high quality that Blue Mountain coffee produces, these pirates would really want to copy the BM Coffee. There is just a huge market for coffee with some people drinking cups good for two people. It is just tempting for the pirates to copy.

The Coffee Industry Board should find out all those who are not licensed to sell Blue Mountain Coffee and really take them to court if they persist in selling. It should be stopped right now before more people get the idea (you know how pirates are) and start "copying" what their other pirates are doing. Before you know it, there would be more illegal Blue Mountain Coffee being sold worldwide than the real BM Coffee.

What next?

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