Saturday, July 12

A Coffee Table for Coffee and Nintendo Fans  

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NES Coffee Table Image

I have always wanted to see creativity when it comes to anything related to coffee but I wasn't expecting this type of creativity. This is a coffee table/NES controller made by Kyle Downes.

His creation has created a lot of great reviews from the tech world (sites/blogs). As for me, I am not that much into tech but this is just great...awesome(like the name of his blog). This just brings the past back (the up, up, down, down, left, right days), you guys remember that right?

What's great about this is that it serves different purposes. First, it can be a coffee table since it has a glass on top, then it is an NES controller, and it can also be a storage for your games, books, etc. I wish I had that kind of coffee table and everything will be all good. I can drink coffee and when I'm done I'd be playing Super Mario then drink coffee again.

If you don't believe me it is fully functional, watch this video.

Wouldn't you want to have one also?

What next?

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