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Coffee Mug Tuesday: Show off Your Coffee Mugs  

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We all know how important mugs are in drinking our favorite drink (Coffee right?). Whether you're a coffee drinker, a tea drinker or what the ceramic mugs just seem to help our drinks taste better. I don't know what the ceramic mugs do but drinking from them not only makes the drink better but it also helps the environment.

With that, I'd like to welcome you all to this new portion of my blog which is called "Coffee Mug Tuesday." Every Tuesday we will be featuring mugs from around the world/internet and mugs from anyone who'd like to showcase their mugs. There are a lot of great mugs out there and I'd like to see them so send the pictures of your mugs now. Show them off everyone!

Let me start by showing you my mug by AmericaWare (Feltman Langer). For some reason I just can't find a link or a picture on the internet for this mug. It was a gift to me a couple years ago by my dad and I'm guessing it was bought in eBay.

This mug reminds me of a combination of Darth Vader and that contraption that falls off the spaceship. Even if this mug looks like it came from space with the way it is designed I still love the it and most the important thing is that it serves its purpose. It has a very solid/no-slide base that has a texture grip. It also features a lockable, twist-in, drink thru lid.

So I invite everyone to email the pics and description of their mugs and hopefully we can feature your mugs here for "Coffee Mug Tuesday" or you may send me links to other coffee mug sites. Thanks a lot! Tickle Away to a Great Day!

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