Thursday, July 10

Coffee Video Thursday #3 : 1970's Folgers Commercial  

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This is another one of those "classic" commercials with just a simple plot but it gets the message across. This starts with the guy fixing the old lady's car and is invited to have coffee inside the house. With the husband being "embarrassed" with the coffee that his wife makes, he tries to tell his wife that the lady just has to go. The wife then tells the old lady that her husband is not happy with the coffee she makes so the old lady shares the Folgers Coffee. And you know what happens next..the guy is happy with his coffee and of course, it's a happy ending.

I just love how the commercials before are so "cheesy" but as I said earlier it gets the message across. An observation I have is that the commercials before would show how guys are dominant before and this thing won't be happening now. A lot would agree with this but the husband learned a lesson on coffee from the old lady - and he learned a lot. What do you think of this advertisement?

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