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What your Starbucks drink say about you  

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Even with all the problems Starbucks have faced recently, there are still a lot of loyal Starbucks fans out there. You may be one of them and just out of curiosity you might want to find out what your Starbucks drink says about you. Thanks to we can now find out. Read on...

Venti bold coffee, no room

Typically bold, no room coffees or “red eyes” (coffee with an added shot) are ordered in the morning just as the sky changes from dark to sunlit. Expect this customer to be a corporate male on his way to the office who occasionally brings in his own travel mug to be eco-responsible. He may just order a blueberry scone… if it’s Friday.

Iced grande, sugar-free vanilla, non-fat latte
This is the favored drink of suburban moms. The vanilla sweetener is a low-cal, sugar satisfier and non-fat milk is the only option after an early morning spin class. No guilt for this mom as she heads to playgroup.

Chocolate milk
Whether made with mocha sauce and cold milk or purchased in a small box from the cooler, chocolate milk, or hot chocolate at a kid’s temperature with whip and chocolate sauce, is a staple for the young ones. Clearly this is the underage beverage for the children who accompany their parents during their daily coffee fix. It’s a bribe and a promise. [Read the full article]

Do you agree with what your Starbucks drink say about you?

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