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Swarovski Studded Coffee Maker  

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While walking around the Mall (Greenbelt here in Manila) the other day, I dropped by the Apple Store to check some of their latest products since I wanted a new iPod. Then I saw this area full of Swarovski (of course it's hard to miss a Swarovski) so I took a look at it. There was a Swarovski earphones, USB drive that looked like a lock and a pendant.

I asked the sales associate how much the Phillips Swarovski earphones were and he said it was around P8000 ($178). I then asked if a lot of people really buy these things and he said there are a lot, which was quite surprising. What was even more surprising was that someone actually purchased the whole set two days before.

So I got really curious and searched if there were any Swarovski inspired coffee makers and yes there is actually one. This Swarovski bedazzled Coffee Maker is for people who need to add some more bling bling to their kitchen which may brighten up your kitchen (just a little bit). As for making coffee, of course it can make a cup of coffee but I think this is not the main purpose why people would want to buy this. I think it would be more for the crystal than the functions.

This Nespresso Crystal Edition coffee machine is covered with 3100 Swarovski crystals and costs you around $4,000. Not bad for a "coffee maker" with studs like that huh? What do you think?

Some Studded Information:
width: 22.6 cm deepth: 23 cm height: 23 cm
Weight: 4,50 kg Power: 1260 Watts

- metal working
- cup warmer in aluminium
- removable grill for the preperation of Latte Macchiato
- automatically remove of used capsules
- illuminated collecting pan for used capsules
- high pressure pump with 19 bar
- electronic temperature control (Thermoblock)
- removeable watertank
- easy preperation with ergonomically handhold
- automatic functions. Choose with one push at a button between Espresso and Lungo.

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