Saturday, July 5

June's 1st Place Winner at Smartworks  

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Coffee Mugs Stamps Card
Coffee Mug Rack by Sarah Kornhaus

I just stumbled upon this website today and decided to put instead of the one which was supposed to be posted today (I'll be posting it tomorrow). Take a look at the card which was made by Sarah in the smART Card Stamping Contest

It's a card which can be described in a single word: CLEVER.

To start with, Sarah used real wallpaper to design the cupboard/counter background for her card. She also combined parts of a scroll punch with brads to make the hooks, created glazed mugs (they look ceramic) via embossing, AND made freehand coffee beans by cutting bean shapes from dark brown cardstock, scoring, and clear embossing. [Read More]

What next?

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  • July 8, 2008 at 11:49 AM  

    Wow! Thanks for posting my card, that really made my day!

    Sarah K