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Jamaican "Blue Mountain" Coffee and Rum Recipe  

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Blue Mountain Cofee and Rum Recipe Image
Looking for both "Jamaican" caffeine and alcohol in your drink? Then try this recipe I found at

"Serves 4


4 tbsp blue mountain Jamaican fresh ground coffee

4 tbsp soft brown sugar

100ml dark rum

4tbsp double cream


Put the fresh coffee into a jug or cafateriere and pour on the boiling water. Leave to brew for a few minutes.

Pour the coffee into four glasses, add the sugar, stir to dissolve, and then pour in the rum.

Carefully pour on the double cream over the back of a teaspoon so that it floats on top of the coffee"

It looks like a good drink! I mean Blue Mountain Coffee alone is good but putting rum in it seems really interesting. I am not really a big fan of rum but this recipe is too tempting not to try. Try it also and let us know..Enjoy your caffeine and alcohol!

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