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The Problem of Drinking Too Much Coffee  

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Caffeine as we know is addicting. All coffee drinkers know this since we it is just hard to stop right? Well, this is not really a problem since drinking coffee has a lot of health benefits. The problem is if we start getting used to putting lots of sugar and cream when we make our own coffee or when we buy lots of cold coffee drinks, frozen/iced coffee drinks that Starbucks made popular.

Coffee used to be just well..plain coffee. Brewed coffee with just a pack or two of sugar and some creamer and that's it but what Starbucks and the other coffee chains did was to add drinks that are sweet that shouldn't really be considered as coffee. It's more like a dessert with coffee as its main ingredient or should I say sugar as its main ingredient. We often forget that these drinks have higher calories but do we really know how high it is? Or do we even know that they have lots of hidden calories?

So to help everyone especially those who are dieting but just can't get enough of coffee, here is a short list of some of the coffee drink calorie count of places people go to:

Dunkin Donuts
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Caribou Coffee
Krispy Kreme
Peet's Coffee
Coffee Calorie Counter

Just remember that coffee may have some hidden calories in it but what we really have to remember that coffee usually goes with doughnuts, scones, muffins, banana bread, cupcakes and so on. This is what really adds the additional weight to everyone. So if you're having coffee as a "dessert" take it easy with the doughnuts.. it will not only save us money but will also save lots of effort burning it and worrying about the extra weight we will be gaining.

Once we keep these things in mind, drinking coffee isn't a problem anymore but a solution of a better day. So keep on drinking coffee and have a great day everybody.

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