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Tickles the Coffee Bone and Coffee Tickle  

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Ugly Mug Coffee Image
OH, What a Beautiful Morning! That is what you will see when you enter Ugly Mug Coffee Site. What you will also see is a great re-branding spearheaded by Indianapolis-based Young & Laramore on the coffee company overall feel. They focused on being loud and giving everyone a wake up call every morning as you can see in the packages and the ad campaign that they have done.

They have really given the people a wake up call by going BOLD and LOUD on their packaging. The letters are also very noticeable and gives a great meaning(see images below). It just fits the brand really well since they're selling coffee and what does coffee do? It wakes you up and tells you to get up and enjoy the beautiful day!

As for the packaging above, it was great to see the words "tickles the coffee bone" written on the side which really reminds me of Coffee Tickle. When we say "Tickle Away to a Great Day" this is what we meant and yes we could now all say "Oh! What a Beautiful Morning!"

Ugly Coffee Image
Ugly Coffee Image
Ugly Coffee Image
Ugly Coffee Image

So for you, what do you think is the best ad among the four?

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