Friday, October 3

7-Eleven holds own presidential election through coffee cups  

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7-Eleven recently launched its 7-Election where coffee drinkers pick a red for McCain or a blue for Obama disposable cup based on their presidential candidate of choice. The store keeps tab at the counter and have been doing so every election. So far their results have somehow been accurate in predicting who will win the election.

In the 2000 7-election, George W. Bush outsold Al Gore's cup by just 1 percentage point.

Feeling not that supportive with the whole election?

According to NBC5, "Non-partisan coffee drinkers and undecided voters can still get their coffee in a regular cup." I am sure most people would want to show their support for their presidential candidate. So go ahead and go to your nearest 7-eleven and grab your blue or red while the coffee cup election is still "hot."

What next?

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