Tuesday, October 21

Coffee Mug Tuesday: Show Off Your Coffee Mugs (17th Mug)  

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Stuck in your office cubicle or in a boring whole day meeting? Suddenly your ever friendly co-worker offers you some coffee since he/she will be getting some too. Great huh? As if this will happen in most cases! Just for the sake of explaining this mug, let's say this really happens and you just don't want him/her to mess up your coffee/tea. What do you do? Good thing you have this "Selector Mug."

So what will it be? Coffee, Tea, Latte? Milk, Black, Ginger? Just adjust and slide the three "selector bands" of the mug and you can have your drink "made to order." The bottom band lets you choose your level of sugar – from 0 to 3 sugars.

Product Specification

Each Selector Mug is made from ceramic and features three removable stainless steel sliding "selector" bands.

The selector bands allow you to select:1. drink type (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, herb tea, latte),2. additives (milk, no milk, lemon, cream); and3. amount of sugar (0, 1, 2, 3).

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