Thursday, June 12

Coffee Art at its best  

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Nice..Nice..Very nice display of using creativity in coffee huh? I just love this video that I had to put it here. When I mentioned before that coffee tickle is also about encouraging/enhancing creavity, this was what I meant. As for me, it has only encouraged me by "trying" to be creative but as for making something like the ones in the just wasn't a success for me but at least I tried.

This is also just one of the ways to show that coffee is not only really good to drink but also can be so much fun. Fun to watch and fun to try and I am sure more fun if you are able to create one as nice or better. Who would have thought that you could do art that way. I never thought that you could do this but this just proves it can be done. We have just witnessed coffee art at its best!

This sure is a coffee tickle moment since it jut encourages creativity. This has to be one the most creative videos I have seen in awhile. So all coffee lovers out there, go ahead and show how creative you are but make sure you send me a copy if ever you decide to make a video of it:)

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