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Row-thru coffee bar in B.C. attracts mariners  

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VICTORIA - The opening of a drive-thru restaurant usually isn't a big deal - unless it happens in a community without cars.

Out in Kyuquot, a village of 275 on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island where everyone gets about by boat, folks have been lining up ever since Java the Hutt opened last week. It's a nautical drive-thru cappuccino bar built on a floating dock.

The one-barista bar is the only local coffee shop for thirsty mariners looking for a cuppa joe. [Read the Full Story]

I just think this is a really cool idea of serving coffee to the people in Kyuquot. The people who opened this do have a lot of business sense. They saw a new way of serving coffee in their village and they made it happen with the Row-thru coffee bar. Another cool idea is the name they used for this which is Java the Hutt since their place looks like a small hut.

This is just a great and I wish them all the best in their business. Great idea and maybe they can open one more branch if the size of the area permits. We wouldn't want them to look like Starbucks, where they have a store in every corner. Hmm..maybe for them, they can be excused. So go ahead and open a branch in every "turn" but just be careful not to dump your cups in the water.

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