Thursday, July 3

Coffee Video Thursday #2 : Wilkins Coffee (Jim Henson Ads)  

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The really old advertisement is something that's both hilarious and scary. I was never a big fan of the muppets but the "acting" and script here were really funny and somehow I'm just amazed how great a talent Jim Henson was.

Watch the first part when the first muppet says "How do you feel about Wilkins Coffee?" then the second muppet responds by saying "Never heard of it!" So the first muppet blows the second one away with a cannon ball. It ends by "Kermit" looking at the audience and saying "Now, how do you feel about Wilkins Coffee?"

Funny but scary huh? He was imposing a threat to the audience which I don't think will be allowed these days but it was still filled with fun. This is something that would grab your attention when you watch it. This was truly a great marketing campaign back in the 60s.

How about you what do you think of this ad?

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