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Heat Me and My Coffee  

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Heat Me Coffee Warmer Image

There are people who work too hard or look like they're working too hard just to impress their boss. These people sometimes forget that their coffee can get cold. There are also some people who just take time drinking their coffee while working and the next thing they know - their coffee is ice cold. There are also people who just wait for their mugs to tell them that their coffee is already cold. And you know when coffee gets's just disgusting.

There is a good news and a bad news for the kinds of people mentioned. The good news is that some designers have thought of a way to help you stay in your seat, glued to your pcs/laptops and still enjoy your coffee by heating it through their USB. Introducing the Heat Me, which heats your coffee by dipping the product in your coffee and wait for it to heat it. With its shape, it may not only be used to Heat but also to Hit (sorry about this). Kidding aside, it may also be used to stir additional sugar or creamer.

The Bad News? Well, as I said, it was only done by designers (a concept design). This hasn't been out in the market yet. But I am sure that somehow, some people will try to make this and it might be a hit to coffee lovers or it might not. Let's just see...

What do you think of Heat Me?

For me, I think the concept and the whole idea is great. It really answers to a need of busy people who don't have time to make fresh coffee or at least reheat their coffee. I'm just having trouble with the whole design and having the metal dipped in my coffee. Is it just me or I just don't like the taste of metal. Not that I have actually tasted one but I know you get what I mean. Another thing, they better make sure that that metal is stainless steel. Well, that's what I think..

How about you?

Source: SlashGear

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